The Desert Generation I

As an Israeli citizen‭, ‬I find myself in conflict as a person‭, ‬proud of his identity and nationality but at the same time ashamed‭ ‬of decisions that are often taken by his government‭.‬

As a person from traditional and even religious backgrounds‭, ‬the project theme led me to the bible‭. ‬Ironically‭, ‬these lines are‭ ‬written a few hours before Passover eve‭, ‬and as the Haggadah tells us‭, ‬the Israelites walked in the desert looking for the promised land‭. ‬This is how I choose to address my self-seeking with my Israeli‭, ‬Zionist and Jewish identity‭.‬

As a man who previously lived out of his country‭, ‬and now as part of his master's degree‭,  ‬lives in London‭. ‬I find myself constantly searching for my identity and my connection to my country my nationality‭.‬

Using 3D software‭, ‬I created a simulated desert environment and planted various objects buried in the sand piles‭. ‬To undermine user orientation‭, ‬I also changed the sense of time in space with the sunrise and sunset changes‭.‬

Now the space created as a kind of limbo‭, ‬is presented to the viewer who can roam around and search for the promised land‭.‬

This project is a part of my studies in the Department of Visual Communication at the Royal College of art, London.

This project was presented at the ‘Politics of Home’ exhibition, The Vacant Museum.