Results Confidence

With the growth rate of voice-user interfaces‭, ‬I was intrigued by how confidence in personalities like Alexa or Siri was expressed‭.‬

That's why I decided to use Google's voice recognition technology and create a web page that would serve as a platform to show the level of confidence of the‭ "‬software‭".‬

When the user speaks up‭, ‬if the‭ "‬software‭" ‬is fully confident that it has understood‭, ‬it will write his words in the yellow color‭. ‬If it is not sure‭, ‬it will write his words in the blue color‭, ‬so that eventually a color distribution of the software confidence level is obtained‭.‬

This project is part of my studies in the Department of Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art, London.

This project was presented at The Typographic Singularity 2020 exhibition